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Title:Everyday Mathematics [Grade 1] Math Masters
Author(s):University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, Jean Bell, Max Bell
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Publisher Place: Columbus, OH
State Edition: National
Content Type: Other
NIMAS File Creation Date:2015-06-29
Subject(s): Mathematics
Identifier: 9780021348268NIMAS
ISBN(s): 002134826X, 9780021348268
Format:NIMAS 1.1
Language(s): English
File Size: 41.62 MB
Text Publication Year: 2014
Copyright Year: 2015
Grade Level(s): Grade 1
Publisher Notes:This file is incomplete. It contains only the student-consumable pages.
Rights:The only legal and authorized use of these files is for the production of alternate media materials for blind, visually impaired, or print disabled students as specified in the NIMAC limitation of use agreement. The copyright for these files is the sole property of the original owner.
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